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To celebrate the release of the final book in Elei’s Chronicles series (until I write more, than is… lol) and the preparation of the boxset with all four novels, I decided to finally write up the writing process that led to the creation of this world and its characters. It is something many of you have asked me, so I’m pretty confident it will interest you.


And since you’ve been so good to me, you readers of my books, I decided to put the book up free on Smashwords to complement your reading of Elei’s Chronicles.

Be warned: it’s short, and probably messy. I may babble about myself and other stuff 😉 But I will also be talking about world-building, parasites, the characters, and the versions that appeared before Rex Rising was published – all the transformations of the world, the story and the protagonists.

So this is it: go have a look. 🙂 Smashwords has all the ebook formats so you should be able to get the one you need.

I have put it up FREE. Just grab your copy.

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Long ago, seven islands rose from the ocean deep: Ker, Torq, Ert, Aue, Kukno, Ost, and rich Dakru.

 “This is the World – the Inside World. It is made up of seven Worlds: Ker, Torq, Ert, Aue, and rich Dakru, Kukno, and Ost. The Outside world is made of water, and it is all blue. And then there is void. We are the only survivors – in Oceanus.”


A short essay on the world-building and origins of the series Elei’s Chronicles (Rex Rising, Rex Cresting, Rex Equilibrium, Rex Aftermath). For readers who have already read at least book 1 in the series.