Today I have a guest author presenting her upcoming release: K.K. Hendin. The novel is Heart Breaths, a New Adult romance, coming out on November 5th, 2013. The cover artist is Hafsah Laziaf of IceyBooks.



What the story is about:

After a tragedy nearly ripped 21 year old Madeline Darlington-Gray’s life in half, she’s spent the past three years trying to put the pieces back together. But pieces never just fit back together, and when she’s betrayed by those she trusts, everything crumbles. Shoving everything she owns into the trunk of her car, Maddie drives south, trying to run from her past. Eno, North Carolina seems like the perfect place to hide. Working at a local café is light years from Maddie’s Manhattan existence and for the first time in a while, she’s finding her family. There’s Grandma, the café owner; Samantha, the hairstylist next door with plans to make Maddie’s life unsuck and Noie, the three year old girl who’s stolen Maddie’s heart.
And then there’s Gabriel Mendez, Noie’s single dad. He’s intrigued Maddie since the first time she met him, and while he has his own secrets, he wants more from her than just friendship. But the past never stays past, and all too soon, Maddie realizes she can’t hide from hers. If she can’t put the pieces of her shattered life together this time, she’ll have no hope for a future.
A future she desperately wants.


“Uh, miss?”

“Daddy, its friend!”

“Noie, she’s sleeping. Miss, are you okay?”

I opened my eyes to see a startling green pair looking down at me. “Are you okay?” he asked again, looking concerned. And like he had just rolled out of bed. Was I dreaming? Because dreaming about him was a welcome change from the usual nightmares I had. Those never had guys who looked like a darker version of Thor. Which was a shame. Thor dreams didn’t end with me waking up screaming.

“I’m fine,” I said, struggling to sit up. He crouched down and offered me a hand. I took it and felt my nerves explode in awareness. There was no way this was a dream. I hoped it wasn’t.

Author Info: KK Hendin’s real life ambition is to become a pink fluffy unicorn who dances with rainbows. But the schooling for that is all sorts of complicated, so until that gets sorted out, she’ll just write. Preferably things with angst and love. And things that require chocolate.

She spends way too much time on Twitter, and rambles on occasion over at