Episode 1

Boreal and John Grey – Season II

Winter is on the doorstep and everything looks good for Ella and Finn. The impending disaster has been averted: the Gates are closed, the Veil is strong, and the world is safe — or so it would seem.

But what about the golden threads appearing in the air, Finn’s reluctance to share information — not to mention his dreams — and a dragon loose on the city? What is the Dark Elves’ real purpose and Dave’s role?

Something is brewing behind the Veil and Ella knows it won’t be long before the fragile peace shatters and another race against time begins.



Episode 2 is in the works – should be out in a couple of weeks.

And don’t forget: the boxset of the complete season 1 is on special offer at 99c in honor of the beginning of season 2. 🙂



Happy reading!!!