Today I have a guest – who has just released a fantasy book and offers it for free to those who read this…

The Empire Crystal (The Witches of Zrotaz – Book 1)

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Where to get it: AMAZON

Larissa’s life is as normal as can be, for a low-key witch. She has a best friend and a great mother, she likes the new boy in town, and, by all accounts, is a regular girl.

Strange things begin to occur and Larissa’s life gets flipped upside-down. Her friends, life, and new crush are not what she thought they were.

When her best friend is abducted, Larissa is tasked with finding the Earth Spirits and repairing the Aurora Borealis. The Empire Crystal chose her, and only they can defeat the High Witch. Will Larissa be brave to face the reality of her life, or will her abnormal existence be too much to bear?

A YA fantasy of witches, unicorns, spells and magic. ….

Free: 28-29 November 2013

About the author Malika Gandhi:

MalikaBio: I am a wife, and mother of two boys. I live in the UK. I began to write seriously three years ago, and have just published my third book. I love to write, and without it, I am lost. I am also an enthusiast of anything art and culture, I illustrate children’s books, and book covers. I love films, and theatre, and you will always find me there.

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