Today I would like to talk to you a little about a great author and friend of mine – Cyrus Keith. I’ve known Cyrus for some years now, as we frequent the same online critique group, and his insights and knowledge have saved my hide many times. This knowledge and skillz go into every one of his novels – thrillers, military sci-fi, in fact, action movies in print – making them edge-of-your-seat works I would highly recommend to every one of you.

Where you can find out more about Cyrus’s writing and published books:


Born and raised in Northern Indiana, he grew up learning how to camp and fish with his scoutmaster dad, who instilled in him a love for the outdoors and nature.  A U.S Air Force veteran trained in electronics repair and battlefield aid, he’s worked a wild variety of jobs and has played bass with the best rock-punk band that never launched a record, invented the best board game that never sold a copy, and with a friend developed a role-playing game that to this day gathers dust in a Rhode Island closet. Currently, he makes a living as an avionics technician for corporate jets.

No wonder he knows so much about the army and technology. Nah!


Cyrus has already published an acclaimed military sci-fi series – The NADIA Project. Book 1 “Becoming Nadia” has won Best Thriller honors at  EPICon 2012, and was a Top Ten Finisher for Best Thriller in the Preditors and Editor’s Reader’s Poll for 2012! And let me tell you, the sequels are even better.

Without further ado, let me introduce to you The NADIA Project, published with MuseItUp Publishing – and don’t forget to scroll down to read an excerpt from Critical Mass, book 3 in the series!!



There’s only one thing that pretty, popular TV reporter Nadia Velasquez is missing: her
memory from before the explosion that killed everyone else in the room, including the
President of Nigeria. But from the moment she meets FBI agent Jon Daniels, all hell breaks
loose. Friends turn into deadly enemies overnight, and she has no idea who she can trust

When Jon and Nadia investigate further, they discover the living terror that is the truth
behind Nadia’s existence, a truth that could mean the death of millions.


In the second installment of The NADIA Project, the potential stakes are raised even higher. The lab where Nadia was built is no more. But when The Pinnacle strikes back at the government agencies trying to crack its secrets, a horrible truth emerges: The evil cabal of kingmakers is still building living weapons of mass destruction somewhere on the globe.Jon Daniels and Nadia Velasquez must find the lab and stop it before a new wave of terror erupts across the world. In order to succeed, though, they must get through The Pinnacle’s most deadly weapon: Jenna Paine.

All who stand between evil and the innocent are two ancient warriors, a misfit genius, a rogue FBI agent, and a living antimatter bomb named NADIA.

Jenna Paine is a super spy, genetically enhanced to be more than human. Nadia Velasquez is a living weapon of mass destruction. When the secret organization who built them both decides they are no longer useful, two enemies are thrown together for the only purposes they could have in common: survival and revenge.
There’s only one way out of The Pinnacle, and that’s on a coroner’s slab. Jenna lives through a treacherous attack vowing to exact her vengeance on the people who trained her to be the most deadly agent on the planet. Wounded and on the run, she turns to the man who’s sworn to make her face charges for her involvement in The Pinnacle’s nefarious schemes.
After years spent hiding from The Pinnacle, Nadia runs into the one thing she never counted on: Shelf life. As her body breaks down, she realizes it’s only a matter of the short time she has left to redeem her existence and give her daughter a chance to live free.
In the final showdown, the two transhumans join forces against a common enemy, and The Pinnacle come to know the deadly significance of…

Critical Mass

Coming soon: Lies and Paine 
Jenna Paine doesn’t know how “special” she really is. Raised by her scientist mother and a Japanese tutor named Mama-San, her special abilities go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of her schoolwork and training. However, other eyes are watching as well, from behind a veil of secrets. And they have plans for someone with precisely Jenna’s talents.
In college, she meets a group of people who introduce her to a new vision for world peace, and a way to realize it.
But when the cost for peace is measured in blood, can Jenna get out before it’s too late?

Excerpt from Critical Mass:

Consciousness sifted back into Jenna’s mind along with the searing pain in her
abdomen. The fire grew in intensity as she became more aware, drawing an
involuntary moan from her lips. The pain became a monster, feeding on her body
bite by bite until she began to writhe in spite of her best efforts to control it on her
own. Her wrists and ankles came up short against stops. In her semi-conscious
state, fear shook free from its bonds in her mind, and the writhing turned into
thrashing. Every movement made the pain worse, and every twinge of pain brought
on an involuntary jerk of an arm or leg.
A woman’s voice reached through the torment; a hand on her shoulder pressed
her down into the bed. “Jenna? Jenna, stop. Listen to me!”
The sharp order got Jenna’s attention, helped her to focus. She stilled, sank into
her training, and opened her eyes. After fighting the pain tiger back into its cage,
Jenna ran down her checklist. First, evaluate your surroundings. The light in the
concrete block room was dimmed to a comfortable level. A faint musty odor stung
her nostrils. I’m underground. A basement…?
A plump, freckled woman in her thirties with curly auburn hair hovered above
the bed, both hands on Jenna’s shoulders. Wrinkled blue scrubs rustled softly as
she turned her attention to prepping a syringe filled with an amber liquid. “Do you
need something for pain?”
Jenna forced herself to remain calm. I was with Jon. I’m still alive; they didn’t
find us. Unless they did, and I’m going to just lay here and take a needle like a dog
to be put down. No way in hell—
The other woman seemed to know what was in Jenna’s mind. She held up the
vial from which she’d taken the serum so Jenna could see. “It’s okay, just
morphine. Please, let me help you.”
Jenna didn’t look at the bottle. She stared at the woman’s face, reading
everything she could. All she saw was open sincerity. Jenna finally nodded and
sagged back against the mattress, sweat beading on her brow. The trembling in her
limbs stilled as a warm sensation crawled up her arm. Seconds later, a fresh
blanket was pulled up to her chest. As the painkiller took hold, she managed a
weak “Thank you.” That was when she noticed how dry her throat was. She could
barely croak, “Water, please?”
The other woman stepped closer. The look in her eyes betrayed a mixture of
relief and fear. “Y-yeah, sure, hang on.” She stood and rapped on the door twice,
paused, and then rapped once more. Jenna heard a man’s voice on the other side,
old and hoarse, but strong. The freckled woman said, “She’s awake. Get Jon,”
before pouring some water from a pitcher into a glass and inserting a straw. After
she helped Jenna to a few sips, she sat back down. “How do you feel now?”
“Better, I guess. I suppose it’s out of line to ask where I am?”
The woman smiled a wide, nervous grin and said, “Why don’t we start with
some introductions? I’m Beth.” She took Jenna’s hand in her own. Beth’s fingers
trembled, but her smile was sincere.
“I guess you already know me.”
“You’re Jenna.”
“Why am I tied up like a pig in a poke?”
“I’m sure you can guess. You’re in a safe place, though.”
“How did everything come out?”
“We worked on you for quite a while. You had a couple close calls. You lost a
lot of blood. Can you tell me what happened?”
“Is it okay if I plead the Fifth for now?”
“Sure. More water?” Beth held the straw to Jenna’s lips. Jenna drained the cup
all the way down to the slurp at the bottom before she let go. “FYI, I’m not a cop. I
used to work at the hospital in Twin Oaks Spa. On a scale of one to ten, how’s the
“Three,” Jenna lied. It hurt like hell, but she didn’t want to be all drugged out
anymore. She would need a sharp mind from here on out.
Beth looked into Jenna’s eyes and stared at her for a few disturbing seconds.
“Uh-huh.” She nodded and pushed a syringe into Jenna’s IV line. “I’m just going
to give you a bump, anyway, to stay on top of it. Don’t worry. I’m halving the
dose. You’ll still be reasonably sharp.”
“For what?”
A knock came at the door. Beth spoke loud enough for the person on the other
side of the door to hear. “We’re good. Come on in.”
A deadbolt slid back, a second lock opened, and the door swung in to admit
Jon Daniels. He closed the door behind him, and the locks clicked back into place.
One nurse, Jon, and whoever is beyond that door. Probably a couple more
upstairs. Outside, who knows? I might be on an Army base for all I know. Not that
I’m in any shape to escape. A toddler could tackle me right now.
Jon stepped up to the bedside, placing his hands on the side rail as he did.
“Hey, Jenna. Sorry about the straps. I’m sure you understand.”
“Under different circumstances, I’m sure it would have been fun. I guess I
should thank you.”
“I guess you’re welcome. Thanks for agreeing to meet me.”
Jenna stared at the ceiling. “Not like I had any other choice at the time.”
“Who shot you?”
What do you care? “I was cleaning my gun and it went off.”
“Nice try. The hit didn’t quite go as planned, did it? Who was the target?”
“Is that what you wanted to talk to me about? Because the last I heard, you
were a special agent for the FBI. As in, anything I say can and will be used against
“You’re not under arrest, Jenna. That’s not what this is about.”
“Then what’s with the straps? Why am I being held underground? And who’s
outside that locked door? I know when I’m being held prisoner.” Jenna tried to sit
up. A spasm ripped through her torso. She squinted and flopped back down with a
“You haven’t exactly proven that we can trust you yet,” said Jon, “and the
stakes are too high to take any chances right now. Just take it easy and get better.
We’ll have time to talk later.”
“We’ll see about that.”
Jon turned and left the room, leaving Jenna alone with Beth.
Beth checked Jenna’s IV, and then drew the covers back. “Let’s have a look at
your incision.”
“Can I at least have my hands untied?”
Beth looked at Jenna, and in her eyes, Jenna saw fear akin to a bird looking
into the eyes of a cat.
“You know what I am, don’t you?” asked Jenna.
Beth’s hands trembled as she lifted up Jenna’s gown and checked the dressing
on her abdomen. “What you are doesn’t worry me. It’s what you can do that
frightens the hell out of me.”
“Does it look like I can do anything in my condition? Believe me, if I don’t
want to be tied up, I won’t be for long.”
“Did you kill Mark Boyle? The man who was holding us?”
The question took Jenna off-guard. She tried to find some safe way to answer,
but couldn’t think of anything to say that couldn’t be taken the wrong way. Damn
Beth broke the pause. “Because if you did, I’d say thank you. He…” Her lips
clamped shut for a second. When she continued, her voice cracked. “He blew my
friend’s brains all over the floor, right in front of me. And he was going to kill us,
too. Nadia said it was you. I… I don’t want anyone to die. But he needed to die for
what he did. So thank you.” She covered Jenna back up. “Dressing looks good for
now. We’ll check it again in a couple hours.”
So what do you say to that, Jenna? “Sure, no problem. Anyone else you want
wiped out? I happen to be between jobs right now, rates cheap.” Yeah, right. It
was an order, plain and simple. He was being cut loose. Just like me. The only
difference is I made it out alive. “Okay.” Jenna closed her eyes and took a deep,
slow breath, focusing all her energy on calming her pain receptors. With the added
boost from the drugs Beth administered, she was able to quiet the spasms down,
and drifted off into a fitful sleep.