I haven’t updated in a while, but lots has been happening in my life. Apart from writing, I’ve been swamped with work and work-related stress (teaching! don’t try it at home!). Then Easter vacation came, and I was hoping for a breather and a chance to write in peace, but my in laws were visiting from Costa Rica and this upped the stress – admittedly in a different way, and we did go on some amazing excursions, to Athens (Greece), and here in Cyprus. I had fun, but had barely any chance to read and write.

And then, the semester started again! So soon! 🙁

But this is just a general rant. This isn’t the worst thing. The worst thing is the waiting game. The Waiting Game! Staring at your empty inbox for long moments, clicking on it compulsively every five minutes, reconfirming the heart-breaking emptiness, the reality that… you got no answer about your submitted stories! No rejections or acceptances. Another day to wait. Another week.

I’ve been told that’s called the EIB syndrome. Empty Inbox syndrome.  So now that I’ve been diagnosed with this incurable disease, excuse me for a while, while I go check…

… my inbox. 😛