Happy Six Sentence Sunday all! 🙂 I am back with another snippet from Poseidon’s Mask – from Theseus’ point of view again. If you remember the myth of the Minotaur, you know that when Theseus came of age, his mother took him to a rock and told him that below it he would find his father’s arms. Theseus managed to move the rock and retrieve the weapons – which he later showed to his real father, proving their relation.

In my version, the weapons (left by Theseus’ real father, i.e. Poseidon) have been placed underneath the altar in Poseidon’s temple. The Satyr takes Theseus there and tells him to do what he must – move the alter, retrieve the weapons.

Not as easy as it sounds…

Setting his shoulder against the altar, he shoved. Muscles strained in his arms, in his back, in his chest. The tendons in his neck ached with the tension as he pushed hard, a groan rising from his throat.

The altar didn’t budge.

The satyr cleared his throat. It sounded awfully much like a snicker.

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