Merry Xmas everyone! May your days be full of joy and smiling faces and may your electronic readers be full of wonderful stories to read.

Christmas time always seemed to me the best time for fantasy. It’s a time of magic and possibility and am on the lookout for great books to load on my kindle and read curled in my warm nest of blankets, with a glass of brandy in my hand…

How about an anthology with great fantasy stories? Escape Collective Publishing has released recently Corpus Pretereo (I escape my body), a collection of stories by an international group of writers exploring the idea of β€˜Escape’. From dark fantasy to sweet surrealism, biting humor to straight out horror, these 16 tales showcase the best of fantastic fiction, in every sense of the word.

In Corpus Pretereo you can read my story “Dreamdancer”. Dreamdancers are a race related to elves who can control their dreamscapes and invite others in them.

In this story, dreamdancer Aivar has fled the devastation of his homeland and must whore his dreams out to humans to scrape by day to day. To save a sick friend from death, he pretends to posses a higher level of dream control. But when this deception causes a vicious customer to wound him, only an old love of his, a High Elite kinswoman, can save him. However, the price may be more than he is willing to pay.

I loved writing this story and I hope you will enjoy reading it. πŸ™‚

And one more thing: Because it’s Xmas, ECP announces that we will donate all ECP profits for our book sales today to ProLiteracy, a charity that supports literacy in the US and around the world.

So here are the arguments. If you look for some great fantasy, here is a suggestion for you.

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