Hi boys, girls and androids! 🙂 Happy beginning of the week. Almost three weeks into 2012 and Rex Rising is doing well. The gang (Elei, Kalaes, Hera – for now) send their regards and wishes. 😀

Two big announcements regarding Rex Rising and the series (Elei’s Chronicles):

1) Rex Rising is in the Top Ten winners of the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll in the category for Science Fiction and Fantasy novels published in 2011 (click on the image below to see the final tallies)!


It officially got the position #6, which is really amazing to me. Amazing for a number of reasons:

– Because this is a novel I self published (the only self published one in the top ten!)

– Because it is a novel I wrote (me, not a native speaker of English!)

– Because I don’t even know who nominated Rex Rising for the poll (whoever you are, come out and let me give you a hug!)

– Because it’s my baby! 🙂

I am well aware that in this sort of polls much depends on how many friends you get to vote for you and less on how many readers you don’t know do vote – still, I’m ecstatic.

2) The sequel of Rex Rising, entitled “Rex Cresting” has been written and is now in revisions, so that the goal of releasing it end February is starting to look realistic! The cover is also in the works. So yay!

In all, these have been three good first weeks of the year. Happy 2012!