Hi girls, boys and bots. I’ll keep this brief and to the point.

This is Chrystalla’s writing and publishing schedule update, for any of you interested in my stories. 🙂

Summer has been crazy busy with writing and it’s not like I’m taking a break or anything (not yet!) – but I’m just popping in to tell you how things are looking for the next three months:

1) Elei’s Chronicles.

Rex Aftermath has been written – most of it anyway, some scenes are missing. I will be tackling those in the second half of August, revising, and then the story will go to my editor. Planning to publish it end of September, so stay tuned.

After that, I’m planning to write Kalaes’ story – his earlier years, long before he met Elei.

2) Boreal and John Grey.

I have been toying around with ideas for Season 2. The plan is to start writing Episode 1 of Season 2 in September *fingers crossed* – which means publishing date for that is probably October.

I’m giving Finn and Ella a couple of weeks of recovery – NO MORE! – because it’s time for them to start running again. More elves might make an appearance in the series, beware. lol

3) New project!!! New mini project (probably). Romance?

Yes, I’m writing a New Adult romance, if any of you like the genre. Of course it’s a Chrystalla original, so it’s not the usual stuff. It has paranormal in it and it’s set in Crete (Greece). I will be telling you more about it soon. Really excited about this story. Why do I always fall in love with my characters? Meh.

Not sure when this one will be ready. I’m writing it like a mad woman so it will probably be done within a couple weeks, but I have to see about the edits…

So this is all for now!! Take care and talk to you soon. 🙂