My short fantasy story “Court of Miracles” was published in the anthology “Kings of the Realm”, edited by Christopher Jacobsmeyer. It is a great collection of tales and poems about dragons, tales of different perspectives, genres, lengths and styles.

My story is about the return of a lord to his court after a long absence at war. The lady who welcomes him back is determined to make him remember the pain he gave her in the past, and fight him to the very end – in her fire dragon form. As he remembers and takes on his ice dragon form, the court sinks into the waves – but maybe it was not too late, after all.

The anthology has a beautiful introduction by Deborah Walker and contains all kinds of dragon tales and poems.

Some of my favorite stories:

“The bargain” by Gerald Costlow. Tongue-in-cheek, with a surprise at the end of each passage all the way to the unexpected ending. The language is magnificent, the two characters wonderful.

“The Dragon thief” by Erin M. Kinch was hilarious.

“The dragon and the maiden” by Richard Mandrachio  had me laughing too. Some great opening lines: “Take your hands off my person and keep them to thine own self, if you please,” pleaded Damsella the Fair. “Besides that broadsword of yours is poking me terribly and you tread close to virgin territory.” Mwahahah.

“The reluctant dragon” by Mark Wolf. Very funny. “How off green my scales appear this morning“ lol!

“With death comes life” by Jordan Fuselier-Gardner is a sweet and beautiful piece about friendship and life and features a werewolf and a dragon.

“Xuento” by Sean Monaghan is a SF piece where dragons are spaceships that throw fire. Very original!

The anthology is now available on amazon: