Hi guys! How is everyone? This has been a crazy month. I’ve had family visiting from Costa Rica, Central America – my wonderful parents in law. They stayed here for the whole month, and we traveled to Crete for a week, too. I’ve never eaten so much good food, and we chilled out in the medieval city of Chania together with my husband. It was great.

Meanwhile, I finished writing episode 5 – the final episode in my Urban Fantasy series Boreal and John Grey. Final for Season 1, of course, as I’m planning to write at least one more season (after I have finished my other series, Elei’s Chronicles).

The cover for episode 5 was done just like the other four – a picture of the same model, same fonts, same layers. I will do a reveal next week, or whenever the episode goes live.

BUT!!! I needed a cover for the whole season, which I plan to release soon after. What to do??

I had two main options: 1) put on the front the cover of episode 1. Several people advised me to do this. and 2) make a new cover.

Here is option 1:




Being the cover art addict that I am, I decided to make a new one – with Finn on it, of course! isn’t he gorgeous? and see how it went. Here are my attempts for your eyes only:

Please note that I’m not obsessed with pretty boys. Really, I’m not. It’s all in your mind. 😉


And another:


The “titles only” option:


But I wasn’t really happy with them… I’m difficult when it comes to covers. I made another one:


Okay, and then I fell in love with this last one and it was all over. lol. Honestly. I decided this was the one – the contrasts and colors. So this will be the official cover for the boxset of season one. The talented author and graphic artist Nathalie Hamidi has made this into a boxset for me:


This is the unofficial reveal, just for you. 🙂 I will make an official one once the boxset it released. Thanks for following me on my cover art adventures. Have a great day, keep calm and continue reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!