Good afternoon from Cyprus. 🙂 And now the weather…

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Today I will present to you very briefly an animal that comes from all the way around the globe from where I live: The Tasmanian devil.

Why? you might ask. What does that have to do with you – or us?

Just read this:

Tasmanian Devils are cute little mammals living in Tasmania, off the coast of Australia. They are marsupials, like kangaroos, and have the size of small dogs.

Due to a type of spreading cancer, caused most probably by pollution and encroaching on their natural environment, the little devils are dying and are currently on the verge of extinction.

Therefore, I was very pleased when our editor, Phoenix Sullivan, and the team of authors of the science fiction anthology “Extinct doesn’t mean forever” chose to donate the profits from the antho from the 1-15 July to saving the Tasmanian devil.

It is a wonderful anthology, and the cause is excellent. I don’t normally say this so crudely, but I will say it now: Go buy this book. Us, the authors and the editor, won’t earn a cent from this money. It all goes to saving the Tasmanian devils.

Don’t you think they are worth it?

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Buy the anthology here:

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For more information contact the editor of the anthology:

Phoenix Sullivan
Dare to Dream Press
+00 11 1 903 465 2261

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal can be found at: