I have discovered a new addiction: flash and micro fiction.

And oh my, I rhymed! :-O

What’s the fuss about, you’ll say?

Let me explain.

Flash fiction is the new fashion in writing. Yeah, long-winded novels and novellas are still out there, still selling, still good. Never said the contrary. And short stories, too, oh yes, three to ten thousand words. Still going strong.

But more and more magazines, both print and ezines, as well as contests, call for flash pieces. Flash simply means stories shorter than one thousand words. That’s actually quite short, fellas! Very short. But in those thousand words (or less) you need to pack a story, with beginning-middle-end, with a character and a personality, with a meaning and a message, with an atmosphere and a voice. With everything a story IS.

Think it’s hard? Unthinkable? Infinitely difficult?

Think again. There’s harder. Ladies and gents, I present to you Micro fiction!

*rubs hands and chuckles evilly and, yes, maniacally, too, so be warned*

Micro fiction is usually a hundred a fifty words or less – yes, you read well! 150, take it or leave it. Again, a story with all a story entails. Think you can do it? There are calls for submissions, and contests, too.

And, so help me SFWA, I gave it a try. It’s highly addictive and amusing and hard as hell. Each word counts, each phrasing can change the count, and in the end you press it, fold it, squeeze it and polish it, and send it off, keeping your cramped fingers crossed.

It’s fun!

By the way, did you hear that there are also fifty word flash contests, even eight (!) word story contests – on Twitter?

My friends, a writer’s life was never so exciting before. Dive into the new era and discover how much you can tell in a few words.

It’s art! And it’s what writing is all about.