I did it! I wrote over fifty thousand words in a month and won NaNoWriMo 2010. I am one of many winners, of course, and what I got for my troubles is some nice winner badges and the satisfaction of having pushed myself to write and write and get out of me a story that I have been meaning to write for a long time now. 🙂

I have written novellas of thirty thousand words and even a short novel of fifty thousand – but novels are normally longer works, and that is valid especially for epic fantasy, which tends to run above a hundred and twenty thousand.

Since you’re asking, yes, I have been writing epic fantasy. Yes, this novel is epic fantasy. I know it is often said that epic fantasy is a dying genre, but then why is it my favorite? Urban fantasy is good, I like it – but epic fantasy, with all those medieval elements, creatures, superstitions, takes me right back to fairytales, legends and saints’ lives, mythology and history etched in ruins.

Hard to get that feeling when your fairies live in N.Y. or London!

So I set out as said previously to write a sequel to the Reversal, a fantasy novel with fairies, dragons and other weird creatures. The Reversal, Book One of the series, followed mainly the adventures of Persephona and her friends.

The novel I am currently writing, Book Two, is the story of one of her friends, Marsyas. A third book is planned. Yep, classic trilogy. Three is a powerful number.

Currently, I have written sixty thousand words and am maybe halfway through the first draft. Much is still going to happen. NaNo gave me the much-needed shove to set my butt down and start writing, but I feel that December will be a NaNo-part II month. I do hope to have the first draft down by end December. (note the use of the vern “hope”. One never knows with stories.)

So here I am, proud winner and owner of the first draft of a half-finished novel at best. I am happy. I never thought I could finish in a month. Heck, I had my doubts I would even find the story to write it.

Let’s celebrate. Let’s drink to writing, and hope that once I polish this pile of crappy words, a diamond will shine through.

Congratulations to all participants. We are all winners! 🙂