Hi boys, girls and droids. I’ve been holed away for some time, writing. I’m hoping to finish Season 1 of Boreal and John Grey this month, and finally episode 4 is out!! (episode 5 is in the works)


Do you know this series? Do you like kick-ass heroines, angsty boys, action and suspense, and elves? Then this is for you!


It all starts with the elves. Centuries ago, they tried to invade us and failed. Now they are back.

Paranormal Bureau Agent Ella Benson knows her job: fight the Shades living between worlds and keep everyone safe. But then her partner goes missing, a mysterious guy saves her life, and increasingly dangerous creatures slip into her city. After centuries of peace, the gates beyond the Veil are opening and an old enemy is returning: the elves.

A lot happens after this. Finn and Ella become partners, and all that she knows are turned on their head. The Gates are opening; the elves are lurking behind them, ready to cross; the white animals of Aelfheim are roaming free.

And she has given her heart to Finn, even though she doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

So, without further ado, here is what episode 4 is about:

Suspicious about Dave’s nature and motivations, Ella decides to conduct her own investigation, trying to figure out if he’s a rogue Guardian or just human. Meanwhile, Finn seems convinced Ella doesn’t trust him — and Ella isn’t sure who she trusts anymore. However, her feelings for Finn cannot be denied. As her nightmares worsen, more animals cross through the Gates and the Shade attacks intensify, targeting Finn, Ella is only certain of one thing: she has to find out who John Grey is and stop him from opening a stable Gate or else the Elves will launch a full scale invasion and take over her world.


So… here you are. One more episode, and I promise you a real ending, no cliffhangers.

Although that doesn’t mean a Season 2 won’t happen… I’m too fond of my characters to abandon them that easily. 🙂



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Happy reading!!