Inaugurating the new year 2014 with a new episode in the world of Boreal and John Grey! I present you THE WARP (episode 3 in Boreal and John Grey II). πŸ™‚

Very glad I made it before I get on the plane to return to Europe (I spent Xmas and New Year’s with my other half of the family, in Costa Rica). It’s already available on amazon, and will also be available on Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes in a few days.

To celebrate, I am doing a small giveaway! Scroll down for more info!




While Finn is recovering from the shock he received through his bond with the dragon, Dave is devising a plan aimed at protecting both. It might, however, not be enough as danger closes in from every direction.
With Finn unable to keep the Gates closed and the Veil strong, the Shade attacks are intensifying and each rip in the magic seems to hurt him. Add to that the nightmares and a sniper still on the loose, and Ella has no clue how to fix the mess.
But she will have to find a way, or watch both Finn and her world perish.


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Happy reading! πŸ™‚