Heya all. 🙂 First things first: Happy New Year! May it bring you health and joy and may you accomplish your goals and find what you need.

May 2013 contain many books, dragons and elves and steampunk machines, and all the things that make one happy. 😉

Now, quick update on authorly issues:

I have taken a break from Elei’s Chronicles (not long!) to write a book about dragons – their origins, morphology, habitat and general awesomeness. It’s a non fiction book and requires lots of research. Deadline is 15 February, so I more or less dropped everything else to write it.

More or less. I kept at a smaller project as a breather during december, and what came out is The Encounter: Episode One of Boreal and John Grey, the serial I mentioned last month. The Encounter is urban fantasy and will be published in 3 or more parts (let’s see where the story takes me) over the next months.


Episode One is now live:



I plan for Episode 2 to go live in a couple of weeks. So, if you like fantasy with all those lovely creatures – elves, kobolds, trolls, dragons and more, then this might be a story for you. 🙂

Happy Reading!!!