OMG it’s already 2014!!

I keep forgetting…


Time for some writing resolutions… 🙂

I have high hopes for this year. I had set huge writing goals for 2013 but life got in the way a lot (family getting sick, dying, building our house, moving in…)

So I’m transferring my high hopes to 2014. *cheers 2014 on*

Okay, then, where we go:

Phase 1:

By winter’s end (end February) I want to finish Season 2 of Boreal and John Grey (one episode pending publication, two more episodes to be written).

Phase 2:

By spring’s end (end may) I want to finish Season 3 of Boreal and John Grey (five episodes).

Phase 3:

By summer’s end (end august): write two romances (independent books) and a novel in the world of Rex Rising (Kalaes’s story)

Phase 4:

By autumn’s end (end november): other projects (that is, if I manage all else, then I want to write either a series about vampires, or a series about angels and demons).

OKAY>>>> *faints in shock* OMG. Keep your fingers crossed for me. For my part, I will do my best!