So, after many delays and much ado, here is the sequel to Rex Rising:


Still recovering at a hospital on the north coast of Dakru, Elei is convinced that his part in bringing down the Gultur is over. Rex has infected the other race and their dictatorial system is starting to collapse. Not every Gultur, though, has been affected, and on top of that, inside Elei’s body, Rex has matured and goes through another transformation. Elei isn’t sure he can survive Rex’s new strength — but that may prove the last of his worries as the Gultur descend on him again.


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So I am glad I more or less made the third of my deadlines (first it was Xmas 2011, then end February 2012, then first week of March 2012)! 🙂 I will write more about this experience and the series and everything on another day.

Let me only add that Rex Rising (Book 1 in the series) is free today and tomorrow, in case you haven’t got it yet.


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Book 3 (Rex: Equilibrium) is due out this Summer.

Happy Reading!