My novel Rex Rising is free today (has been since yesterday) and lots of people have downloaded it, and will hopefully read it. Since this is Book 1 in a series, I hope that means readers will look out for Book 2 once it’s released.

Which brings me to the series update. 🙂

Book 2Rex Cresting – is due to be released end of February – in a month’s time from now! Don’t think I wrote this sequel in a week. It took me months (started working on ideas for it last spring, started writing in August last year) to put down “on paper” and then another month of revisions to make it readable. Currently it’s being read by beta readers and I’m gathering their comments so that I can start working with them next week. The cover is done, and now it’s the final stretch to release date! 🙂

Book 3 – Untitled as yet – has been outlined and about 1/8 of it has been written already. Writing has been postponed until revisions on Book 2 are done.

Meanwhile, a Companion book for the series is also in the works – with a bit of everything belonging to the world of the Seven Islands – from short stories featuring minor characters such as the boy Mantis (from the novelette HERA) and Jek and Afia from Rex Cresting, to recipes, glossaries, information about the parasites, the world setting and much more.

I’m having a great time, living in this world. I hope you do too. 🙂