Six Sentence Sunday has come around again! πŸ™‚ I am very excited about participating in this fun project. So today I am posting six sentences – in fact the six opening sentences – from my short sci-fi novel Dakru (unpublished, under revision).

In the world of Dakru, where the all-women Gultur race rules, Elei must find out why he is hunted if he wants to remain alive.

Blood seeped through Elei’s fingers. He pressed them harder against the wound down his side, over his hip, gritting his teeth. The pulse of his heart leaped under his palm. He sat on a hard bench and waited for gods knew what. In his blurry eyes, everything had a shimmering edge, suspended between reality and dream.

Then the world tilted.


I hope to start submitting Dakru in the next months.

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