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Back in Dioscuri, the tale of Zeus’ twin sons, Kastor (Kast) and Polydeukes (Pol). Pol is immortal, Kast mortal. When Kast is mortally wounded, Pol decides to make a dangerous deal with the Underworld to keep him alive – alternating days with his brother in the world of living and the dead.

Kast can’t know what is happening, or the deal is off. But he has started to suspect something, and goes to see Sibyl, an oracle, recommended to him by his friend Ismene. Only Sibyl, a man despite the name, isn’t exactly as Kast imagined…

β€œDarling, you made it.”
Kast whirled about, hands going to his knives. The man wore long earrings with pearls, and a long, double row of pearls around his neck. And he wore a…dress? More like a long
robe. And makeup.
Kast forced his gaping mouth shut.

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