I am participating in a weekly online event called “Six Sentence Sunday“. We link our blogs to the Six Sentence Sunday website, and post six sentences from either a published or unpublished work of ours. It’s a way to read what other people have written, network, and have fun. Check it out, it’s great!

For this one, my first participation, I am posting six lines from my paranormal novella DIOSCURI coming out in March with MuseItUp Publishing.

What DIOSCURI is about:

When you are Zeus’ immortal son, you know you can get away with mostly anything. But, as Pol will soon find out, bringing back the dead is not one of those things.

Besides, pretending to be his brother Kast, as part of the plot to annul his death, is proving way too hard for Pol. If he can’t fool the mortals, how will he ever manage to fool the gods?

My six sentences from DIOSCURI:

Oh boy, Kast probably never opened his mouth when on duty. Figures. He had to relax, play Kast’s role. He was jittery, and his mind kept flashing images of Kast dying, blood pouring out of the wound in his chest, thick and warm. The room swam in Pol’s gaze for a moment, and he placed a hand on the wall behind him, to steady himself. Kast was not dead.

I hope you will like DIOSCURI. I am planning a trilogy of Greek myths retold around the theme of siblings and mythology. Have a nice day! 🙂


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