Happy Sunday to all! ๐Ÿ™‚

This was a long weekend in Cyprus (Friday April 1st was a national holiday), so I have had more time for writing, which is great.

For this week’s post, I chose the opening lines of my short fantasy story “Indra’s Return” which you can read in the Spring (current) issue of Mirror Dance magazine.

Since it is the beginning of the story, I leave you to it, and will post another few lines from it next week.

Beyond the sea of Bara lay the land of exiles โ€“ human and troll cities, merchant harbors, thieves and whores. I was supposed to be there, leading a life of nostalgia and pain, languishing in Queen Syranaโ€™s memory.

Dying inside.

But here I stood, well within the forbidden borders โ€“ forbidden only to me โ€“ of the human-elf coalition, polishing the tables of this accursed inn with a wet rag, and glaring at the hooded human about to grab my hip โ€“ again.

I slapped his hand away, and struggled not to punch him. That would be a manโ€™s reaction, not a womanโ€™s, and I had to keep my disguise. โ€œDid you want something?โ€

I hope you like this story. For more great snippets, don’t forget to visit the sss site!