It’s Six Sentence Sunday again, and it’s time to play. 🙂

Since you seem to like Dioscuri, here is another snippet from the story. Kastor is baffled by everyone’s strange behavior and for being punished for things he can’t remember doing. He doesn’t yet know that his brother, Polydeukes, has struck a dangerous deal with the gods to keep Kastor alive. The Satyr of the Temple of the Resistance is also curious and wants to know what exactly is going on…

“Listen, Satyr, I appreciate the time you’re taking for me, but I’ve got to meet someone, I—”
“Because it cannot be someone playing games with the Underworld, can it?” The Satyr leaned closer, his long, flat face driving fear like a dagger into Kast, nailing him to his seat, driving his breath out. “That would cause the wrath of the higher immortals; call them down to punish us all. One doesn’t toy with the boundaries between the dead and the living.”
Kast drew back, the hairs on the back of his neck rising.

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