Happy Sunday to all! 🙂 I was absent last week, but now I’m back with another snippet of a work in progress – a rewrite of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur (novella-length, Young adult fantasy). This time we are in Theseus’ point of view. He’s talking with the satyr of the temple, who has a natural talent for sniffing trouble…

“You’re going with them, aren’t you?”

“Who?” The satyr pulled on his hair, and Theseus winced. “Ow, easy there, satyr.”

“I said, don’t lie to me. By some mischief or other, you’re going to change someone else’s lot for yours and go to fight Poseidon. That’s what I mean.”

Theseus said nothing, his heart thudding in his chest.

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