Six Sentence Sunday time again – let’s play! :-)

This time I will give you an excerpt from my short story “The Angel Genome” in the anthology “Extinct doesn’t mean forever” edited by Phoenix Sullivan.

Blurb: What if the legends of angels arose from an extinct human branch? Lucia doesn’t believe in angels – but she might believe in the cloned child of a forgotten race – Zeph.

But what is Zeph – what kind of being do the doctors who cloned him refer to when they say he’s an angel?

A thrill went through her. “Another branch of modern humans? That would make huge headlines. Why say he’s an angel then? Why not tell the truth?”

“Ms. Winter, his DNA has certain … particularities.”

Tune in next week to find out what particularities those are! 🙂

Go here to read more excellent excerpts!

Remember that from 1-15 July, all profits from the Extinct anthology go to saving the Tasmanian Devil! Only 6 days left.

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