What does an author do when taking a break?

You know this is a trick question, right? A break from writing? Are you mad? 😀

Still, you know – when you’ve written yourself dry and can’t bear to look at the words anymore and wish the world were mute, including films, and that you’d draw instead of write.

Well, then, you write something different.

Yep, that’s right. You take a break by writing something different. Because, being a writer, that’s a condition (almost fatal), a possession, a psychosis.

So I’ve been writing a book about dragons of the world, and I am very excited about it because I’ve wanted to write it for many many years… But I need a small break right now…

And I’ve decided to write a short fantasy piece. 🙂

I can hear you snickering again…

The plan is to finish this short piece within the next week and return to my faithfully waiting dragons. Hurra!