Art imitates life, and life imitates art. Films imitate videogames, videogames imitate graphic novels, graphic novels imitate film strips… it’s all a circle.

Recently Amazon announced a new line: serials. Obviously, written serials imitate (or work along the same principle as) TV serials. Is it the same as a series? Not precisely. Serials consist of episodes – relatively short, self-contained stories belonging to an overarching plot. Do you watch Supernatural? Sherlock Holmes? True Blood? The Vampire diaries? You know how there are smaller stories beneath the great BIG QUESTION that drives the serial as a whole?

That’s how serials work.


So, always curious about new things, I decided to give this a go. In reality, I’m writing a non-fiction book about dragons, remember? I still am! I have 2 months left exactly to deliver the finished book to the publisher.

But as I mentioned before, writers need breaks, and a writer’s break consists in writing something else… So I have began a serial, and the first episode has been written!!! The serial is called “Boreal and John Gray” and should hit the virtual shelves in time for the Xmas holidays… Or at least I hope so. It’s been fun. Easier to write than a novel, and allowed me to not shift my focus away from my dragons. 🙂

Soon I will let you know more about it. Serials are fun! 🙂