Just because not everything in my life is about writing and stories (although about 80% is!) today I will show you a part of Cyprus that is quite new to me: a wetland.

Cyprus is arid as a desert. What water falls here in Winter is collected in dams to keep for summer. But we have some wetlands too with brackish water (those not drained by the British to fight malaria in the 19th-20th centuries) and there lots of birds live or pass by on their migratory trip to other countries.


It’s muddy and many people think they can throw their trash there because hey, nobody lives there! Amazing how people are…



Water stretches in glass like surfaces, mirroring the sky and reeds. It’s peaceful and beautiful.


Shards of glass meld with the water.


And then evening falls and it all turns to gold.

Welcome to Cyprus. 🙂