My micro-fiction story (150 words exactly, as requested in the guidelines) has been published in the last issue (*sob*) of Alienskin Magazine. It is a story about a magical shop where you get exactly what you need (as opposed to what you think you want) – a shop run by ancient Egyptian gods, in particular Bast (the cat goddess), and Anubis (the jackal god of the dead).

Inter-Sphinx Bazaar in Alienskin issue June-July 2010

But where did this idea come from – and where the heck is that shop (so that you can avoid it – getting what you need isn’t always easy, now, is it? 😉 )

The idea came one day as I was visiting my grandfather, aunts and uncle in downtown Lefcosia (I live far away in the outskirts, in the wilderness – about 15 mi drive when there is no traffic, actually). So there I am, parking my car outside the fish market, and I see this sign across the street, mounted on the fence of a dilapidated house:


Egyptian things

(many thanks to Carlos, my husband, for taking the picture!)

How intriguing, I thought. What kind of “things” would they sell in a place like that? Inter-Sphinx, like Inter-rail – something connecting us to the Sphinx – a bazaar, of all things, a place to buy. I took out my little emergency notebook and jotted down the name with an asterisk and a note saying, “could be a good story!”

The rest, as they say, is (hi)story. 🙂